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The Suitcase

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It will be impossible to feel alone when traveling with the special The Suitcase.

Like the most loyal companion, The Suitcase is the only troller specially designed to accompany you on your travels.

At first glance, it attracts you with its elegant and bright design, but it takes your breath away when you see that it is not an ordinary suitcase, but a smart one.

What can a super-smart suitcase do? Or rather, what can't he do? What is certain is that he can "see", but also feel the environment, in order to avoid obstacles.

The future of your travels sounds good with the smartest suitcase: it goes with you alone, while you can have your hands free for things more important than carrying it.


It comes packed with some serious tech that enables it to automatically roll alongside you as you walk, freeing up your hands for more important things (like your phone, kids, coffee, lunch, briefcase, presents, and much more!)

  • Side-following Smart Suitcase
  • Charger
  • World Travel Adapter Kit & Smart Band Charging Cable
  • Security Information Card
  • Storage Bag
  • Battery
  • Smart Band

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