Smart Table Ideum

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If you want to buy a truly revolutionary product, you will not fail with the incredible SMART TABLE IDEUM - a smart table that simultaneously supports 80 touch points.

The resolution of 7680 X 2160 pixels offers a unique user experience. Each function of this smart table is unique. Tangible Engine object recognition software allows you to connect events in the application with physical objects.

With multiple applicability and state-of-the-art technology, there are multiple things you can do using this super smart table.

Install it at the office, at the restaurant, bar or hotel and delight those around you with a revolutionary product that will conquer them from the first seconds.


The Colossus II is an 86” 4K Ultra HD multitouch table large enough for engaging multi-user interaction. Quality built with an all-aluminum frame, it has a patented design and uses the best available commercial components.


Colossus II owners have an option to purchase Tangible Engine object recognition software. All Ideum touch walls and multitouch tables come with a lifetime license for GestureWorks for developers (if requested)

Custom Hardware

We can produce our hardware in a variety of custom colors, finishes, and logo treatments. Possible add-ons include casters, headphones, headsets, and proximity sensors. We also build completely custom units. Contact our sales group for more details.

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