Portable Bicycle Tire CO2 Inflator mini Pump

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Wherever you are, any bicycle pen can be repaired quickly with PORTABLE BICYCLE TIRE CO2 INFLATOR MINI PUMP! It is extremely simple to always be prepared for your bike adventures, using this mini pump, small in size, easy to carry with you everywhere. Without the need for pumping, this mini pump simplifies things for you, so you can quickly continue your bike journey. Your adventure on two wheels will be great! Has the ball you play football been broken with? Then the efficiency PORTABLE BICYCLE TIRE CO2 INFLATOR MINI PUMP can help you! The CO2 reserve and the adapter guarantee you an efficient inflation, without any effort. Focus more on the activity you like, because this cool mini bike pump takes care of the rest.


Material: Aluminum

Size: 5cm

Application: for 16g threaded CO2 tank (not included)

Thread: To fit M9.525*1.058

Net Weight: approx. 27g

Valve: Fits Schrader / Presta

Size: 50x30x20mm

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