Wiggy - Bluetooth connected Piggybank

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Add the fun element to your daily tasks with the playful and attractive WIGGY BLUETOOTH CONNECTED PIGGYBANK. This original piggybank gives a contemporary note to the classic money box, which children will love. Everything that is achieved through play is extremely fun and enjoyable for the little ones, and the creator of this smart wallet knows this. Through the Wiggy application, children can set their own goals, and the wallet becomes interactive and tells the little ones the tasks they have to perform. The smart piggy bank is with you and your child in laying the foundations for a healthy financial education. All this while having great fun with the coolest piggy bank: WIGGY BLUETOOTH CONNECTED PIGGYBANK!


Wiggy is a Bluetooth-connected Piggybank that makes it easy to Set Tasks, Goals, and Sends Funds while teaching kids to learn how to earn money.

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