New Product 200bar/3000psi Small Scuba Diving Equipment Reinflatable Oxygen Air Bottle

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Adventures in the depths of the water are wonderful with high quality 200BAR / 3000 PSI SMALL SCUBA DIVING! Manufactured to the highest standards, it is made of aluminum for aviation and has a maximum pressure of 200BAR. Using this great SMALL SCUBA DIVING EQUIPMENT, you can enjoy 10 minutes of diving or even more, at a depth of 10 meters. In order to benefit from the equipment for a long time, it is treated against oxidation and corrosion. Expect a 500-hour resistance in salt water, where fun can be at its peak. It is fun and much easier to explore the fascinating underwater world with all its beauties, using this professional equipment.



Product Name:Diving Oxygen Tank

Color:Grass green



Inflateble Way:1.The Big Oxygen Bottle Inflates It 2.The Electric Pump Inflates It 3.Hand Pump To Inflate It


—Compact portable lightweight

—Refillable by hand pump

—Breathe underwater with total freedom

—Underwater diving freedom breath equipment

—Application:diving for entertainment,Diving for training

,Spare tank diving air

Package Included:

—1 x Diving Oxygen Tank

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