DRY N STEAM - Reusable, Natural, Dryer Ball with Steam

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Be healthy and protect yourself from simple and effective airborne diseases with AIRBUBBL.

  This innovative vehicle air purification and virus removal solution works by using a nano carbon filter, which takes care of the air you and your family breathe when you are in the car.

AIRBUBBL is the revolutionary product that eliminates up to 95% of harmful gases, such as nitrogen dioxide or sulfur dioxide.

The contemporary design allows easy integration into the car, so you won't even notice that you have it. However, its effects are felt through a healthier respiratory system and air free of pathogens.


EASY TO USE just fill with water & toss into your dryer. As your dryer heats Dry N Steam goes to work releasing steam as it passes over clothes releasing wrinkles and creases, while softening. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to give your laundry a refreshing scent

REUSABLE & SAFE no need for chemical dryer sheets, Dry N Steam is 100% natural, environmentally conscious, safe for sensitive skin, & safe for all dryers

SOFT WRINKLE FREE Clothes without an iron or dryer sheet. Great for shirts, towels, jeans, comforters, sheets pillow cases & more. Perfect for all your laundry needs

SAVE MONEY & ENERGY by reducing drying time. The unique design separate clothes to provide more airflow and accelerates the drying process. Perfect for dark, white, and colored loads.

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