Top levitating LED light bulb

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This is a LED bulb paired with a wireless receiver and electromagnet hovers underneath the top lamp holder with another electromagnet to shed light in an unconventional and puzzling way.  Levitation is the process by which an object is suspended by a physical force against gravity, in a stable position without solid physical contact.

A number of different techniques have been developed to levitate matter, including the aerodynamic, magnetic, acoustic, electromagnetic, electrostatic, gas film, and optical levitation methods.


Model: Top levitating LED light bulb

The material of base: OAK

Holder material: Galvanized gavelock

Bulb Efficiency: 16Lm/W

Brightness:80-100 Lumens

Bulb size:130*65mm/ 45mm

Power Adapter type: AU, EU, USA, UK

Warranty: 1 full year

Certificate: CE/RoHS/FCC/ISO9001

Patent Application Number:  29617818


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