Cube Air Purifier with Wind-Free Air Purification in Airy White

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When design and technology excellence meet, unique products are created, such as the wonderful CUBE AIR PURIFIER WITH WIND-FREE AIR PURIFICATION IN AIRY WHITE.

The True HEPA Filtration system of this purifier takes care of the air you breathe and removes 99.97% of contaminants.

The cube is strong enough to purify the air in a 30-square-meter room. Through the Smart Things App you can check the life of the filter.

To please even the most demanding of users, wind-free technology saves you from the gusts of wind.

The user experience of CUBE AIR PURIFIER WITH WIND-FREE AIR PURIFICATION IN AIRY WHITE can only be excellent.


The Cube's purification system is quieter than a whisper and releases clean air without annoying noise or a cold draft. The Cube's 3 stage True HEPA Filtration System effectively removes 99.97% of ultrafine dust.ᶿ Best-in-class laser monitors air particles in size, and the easy view display provides instant air quality feedback Control through voice-enabled mobile devices such as Bixby, Amazon Alexa, or the Google Assistant * or remotely control your Cube and monitor your air quality on your smartphone.‡ The Cube is a modular design purifier, able to be stacked to double the coverage. Easily stack two modules for larger spaces, or keep a single module for smaller spaces. The Cube alerts you when its time to change your True HEPA filter, or you can check the life of the filter through the Smart Things App Certified by Energy Star, AAFA, AHAM Verified, and CARB. The Cube can handle medium-sized rooms of up to 310 sq. ft. with a CADR rating of 200/205/185 Produces no Ozone, which is known to cause a variety of health problems

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