Full Brush Crystal Outdoor Glass Spraying Bottle

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If she was personified, you might think that the little FULL BRUSH CRYSTAL OUTDOOR GLASS SPRAYING BOTTLE is so strong that it can overturn mountains. What is certain is that this great spray bottle can overturn any dirt on the windows, even from a distance of 8 meters, with a pressure of 60psi. In addition, it is extremely easy to use and carry with you wherever you want. Add the cleaning solution and put the diligent sprayer to work! You will not be disappointed! The windows, cars, boats, furniture on the terrace or your floors will shine cleanly, without any effort on your part. The amazing GLASS SPRAYING BOTTLE keeps dirt away, simple, fast and efficient!



-- The new cleaning system that quickly cleans windows, cars, boats, patio furniture, siding and more!

-- Simply put the cleaning powder(Not included) into the specially-designed spray bottle, add water, and attach your garden hose.

-- The powerful, built-in pressure sprayer reaches up to 27-feet away so you can easily clean high windows, siding

and more without using a ladder. Simply spray and rinse. Harmless to grass, plants and shrubs.

Package Included:

1 x Bottle

1 x Lid with sprayer


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