The Mirror

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The incredible The Mirror takes you to the next level of physical training, from the comfort of your own home! The digital mirror is a technological marvel that keeps you in shape and becomes your own fitness trainer, always at your disposal. Perfect for the whole family, it is the best choice regardless of the type of workout practiced. The future of home training is guaranteed by MIRROR: cardio training, yoga, boxing, kickboxing, dance cardio, pilates and much more, from your living room, with real-time optimization, depending on your own preferences. With this digital mirror you invest in yourself, in your health and in your future. Mount it on the special support or on the wall and start the coolest workouts in your own home!


This isn't just a mirror. It's a cardio class, it's a yoga studio, it's a boxing ring, it's your new personal trainer, and it's so much more.


Enjoy unlimited access to MIRROR’s best-in-class workouts through the MIRROR App. Access the full MIRROR workout library from your phone, tablet and smart TV devices and enjoy tens of thousands of classes 24/7. Access available to MIRROR owners only immediately on purchase.

FRAME :Carbon steel frame

Mineral bronze powder coated

DISPLAY :40” full HD 1080p display, with 178° wide viewing angle

TECHNOLOGY :Quad core processor

SOUND: 2 x 10 watt high-fidelity stereo speakers

Embedded omnidirectional microphone

CAMERA :5 megapixel front-facing camera

POWER: 1ft and 6 ft right angle UL certified cables

CONNECTION INTERNET :Dual-band 802.11 A/B/G/N Wi-Fi

APP :Controlled by iOS or Android companion app

HEARTRATE :nSyncs with Bluetooth™ heart rate monitors and Apple Watch

AUDIO :Pairs with Blutooth™ speakers and headphones

DIMENSIONS :52" H, 22" W, 1.4" D

WEIGHT: 70 Pounds

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