Smart Duvet

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A smart home is not complete without SMART DUVET, the most innovative technology that can exist in a bedroom. The revolutionary smart duvet is truly remarkable. Through a network of inflatable tubes, which can be inserted inside a regular bedspread, you can make the bed with just a push of a button. With Smart Duvet the bed is made directly from the application of the same name. The application also allows you to set your favorite temperature, to enjoy a comfortable and restful sleep every night. The secret of a perfect sleep, without worrying about making the bed in the morning, at the ideal temperature, lies in SMART DUVET - the coolest invention of an intelligent master.


Convert your existing bed into a Dual-Zone Climate-Controlled Self-Making Bed using your current bed and bedding. SmartDuvet will have you sleeping in perfect comfort every night without having to worry about making the bed in the morning.

SmartDuvet ships internationally

Dimensions of the Smartduvet:

Queen Size: 90”x88” – 228 x 223 cm

King Size: 90”x102” – 228 x 259 cm

California King: 94”x104” – 238 x 264 cm

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