JX-16 Alexa Compatible Devices 2018 Plastic And Usb Long Lasting Air Scent Machine Aroma Diffuser

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A show of color and aroma, only with the magical JX-16 AIR SCENT MACHINE AROMA DIFFUSER, aroma diffuser and special decorative object!

Using ultrasonic waves, this wonderful diffuser disperses a delicate and pure aroma of your favorite essential oil.

Through the WiFi connection, it combines the qualities of aromatherapy with those of modern technology, so that you can benefit from a great product.

Control this cool aroma diffuser via WiFi, using Alexa or Google Assistant, for voice control.

JX-16 AIR SCENT MACHINE AROMA DIFFUSER not only delights your sense of smell, but also the look, with the 7 colors of light, which changes intelligently and creates an impressive visual effect.


Product name: Wifi aroma diffuser

Color  :wood grain

Material: PP+ABS

Accessories: User Manual Adaptor Measuring cup

Business type: Manufacturer

Mist amount:30 ml/h

Feature: Changeable Colors LED Light

Product Dimension:214*214*202mm

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