Original Design Sunglasses LCD Polarized Lenses

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When the simple objects around us acquire intelligent functions, they become magical, as happens with ORIGINAL DESIGN SUNGLASSES LCD POLARIZED LENSES glasses. Unlike other sunglasses, they stand out with a spectacular design and the possibility of adjusting the ambient light, with seven levels of adjustment, but also a high protection against UV rays. Liquid crystal technology takes care of your eyes, whether you are indoors or outdoors. Enjoy increased comfort when you ride a bike, are behind the wheel of a car, are on the beach or walk in the park. The exclusive design and technologies of the unique ORIGINAL DESIGN SUNGLASSES LCD POLARIZED LENSES thank even the most demanding users.


Product Features

- Polarized LCD lenses, which could be adjusted according to the environmental light;

- Seven adjustable levels and can be manually adjusted

- Liquid crystal lenses equipped sunglasses offers good protection from UV light and fits for outdoor and indoor activities;

- Perfect polarized effect, with double layer polarized film;

- Original design and a variety of colours show off your special style;

This product has the world's most unique design and technology, adopts liquid crystal glass lenses and polarized film layer through the control circuit to change the brightness of the lens; You can manually or automatically adjust the transmittance of lenses according to the intensity of the sunlight or ambient light to protect the eyes from the sun's radiation interference. Suitable for driving, riding, beach and other outdoor activities. Products in line with China's relevant national standards, and obtained patent certification.

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