Adjustable Fitness Equipment Home Removable Kettlebell

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Any physical training is easy to do with KETTLEBELL ADJUSTABLE FITNESS EQUIPMENT HOME REMOVABLE professionals, right at your home!

The special design of the 4 dumbbells ensures a precise grip and a superior control.

Excellence is achieved by the increased adaptability to your needs, so that you can customize your training according to your own physical abilities.

Adjust your toning, strengthening or muscle growth exercises and enjoy an effective workout right in your own living room.

KETTLEBELL ADJUSTABLE FITNESS EQUIPMENT HOME REMOVABLE is all you need to train as a professional. The results will exceed your expectations!


Name: Kettlebell Material: ABS+Cement+Iron sand

Color: Black Application: Fitness Equipment Application


As the pic(10kg)

Features: [Features]: The tension ring has good resilience, and it is easy to cooperate with the movements in yoga training to achieve better plasticity. It is an accessory for practicing yoga and Pilates. Can increase the interest of exercise and change the single exercise style.

[Cleaning and durability]: It can be washed with water and wiped with a wet or dry cloth.

[Advantages]: soft, strong resilience, wear resistance, good overall performance.

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