Rolling Knee Protection Pad with Wheel Built in Foam Padded Laying Platform

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Your knees are safe, even in the most demanding tasks, with high quality ROLLING KNEE PROTECTION PAD!

High-quality materials, which combine the strength of plastic with a soft lining, offer increased comfort and durability. Every time you have a task that puts pressure on your knees, you can lay all the foundations in this wonderful knee protection pad.

Use it to install tiles or wooden floors, paint low places, and for any other activity involving knee status.

ROLLING KNEE PROTECTION PAD care protects your knees impeccably so that you can successfully complete even the most difficult tasks.



1.Premium Material: The kneeling pad is made of plastic material with soft lining, it is durable and comfortable to wear.

2.Powerful Function: The kneeling pad is designed to shift weight evenly and reduce pressure on the knee, meantime, it can be adjusting to the shape of the knee.

3.Fine Craft: The adjustable strap of the kneeling pad comfortably secures with less tension on the back of the knee and allows easy on and off.

4.Easy to Use: The kneeling pad can be used to install tiles, wooden floors, floor mats, paint low places, etc.

5.Practical Design: The kneeling pad features the practical design to be the great tool for workers, which makes the movement more comfortable and protects your knee.


1.With the push of a button, you can go from Knee Blade to knee pad.

2.Designed to evenly displace weight and lessen pressure on the knee, while fitting the contour of the knee.


Colour: Red

Material: Plastic + metal

Size: 29.5*22*8.8cm

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