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Portable AC - Everything You Need to Know and Why It's a Must-Have

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This cordless and compact Portable AC is cordless, so you can carry it with you anywhere you go. It should run for around 5 hours simultaneously when it's been fully charged. When the battery is low, you can easily charge it with a USB charger that you use on your smartphone.

It also has three fan speed modes so you can adjust the cold air that comes out. It's also an excellent way to conserve the battery, especially when it's not the hottest in a certain area.

Nevertheless, one of the best features of this Portable AC is that it can expel strong gusts of cold air that can easily keep you cool in a few minutes. If the room is small, it may even make the entire area cooler than before, so you're comfortable doing whatever you are doing.

Technically, this unit has a 1.9 Cubic Feet Per Minute rating, which is rather powerful for a small and handy AC like this.

It's also designed in such a way that you can manipulate where the air will flow. So, for example, you put in beside you on a nightstand, you can adjust the slits so the air will flow in your direction and make you the most comfortable person on a hot summer day or night.

You can buy it from here : Portable AC

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